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A high volume of tickets, coupons, vouchers or bonds are issued and collected.


For example, a casino everyday collects thousands or tens of thousands of TiTo tickets from slot machine customers.

A government sometimes issues a high volume of vouchers by the public welfare policy.

A lottery institution issues and collects a high volume of lottery tickets.

A department store or the other big commercial entity issues and collects a high volume of gift coupons, too.

In many cases, the government law and regulations request to retain the tickets, coupons or vouchers physically or in digital images for years.


Maintenance of the enormous volume of tickets requires space and management effort.

Furthermore the barcode, the amount and the other description in thermal printing of ticket get obscure as time goes.


ZM ticket scan solution digitalizes a volume of tickets, coupons or vouchers in short time and saves them in pc or other storage devices.

MDS -3000C scanner is connected to PC by usb port.

Just while scanning tickets, coupons or vouchers, the images are transferred to PC directly.

Once digitalized, the images are preserved in favorable condition for long years.

The file size is small enough to store millions of ticket images in PC. The ticket image stored can be retrieved quickly.


There is no need to be nervous on saving and managing the enormous volume of tickets, coupons or vouchers any longer.

The digitalized image by ZM ticket solution is in favorable condition enough to be a legal proof to court.


ZM ticket solution scans tickets at the speed of 260 tickets per minute.

It decodes barcode or serial number, and stores the ticket images in pc simultaneously.





Solution Composition

MDS-3000C Document Scanner & Ticket Software

Scan Mode


Scan Type

Duplex (front & backside)

Scan Speed

260 tickets per minute (520 ticket images per minute)


Gray 256 (Color 24 bit possible)

Optical Resolution

200 dpi

Image handling

Auto deskew, Auto cropping, White backgrounding

Hopper Capacity

Up to 500 tickets

Image Format


Double feed, Jam Detection

by 2 Ultrasonic sensors


USB 2.0


Windows XP, 7, 8, 10


375x385x340 (mm)


16 kg

Electric Voltage

100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Barcode Number Correction


Image Rotation

90, 180, 270, 360 degree

Ticket Image Retrieval


Consumable Roller Lifetime

800,000 tickets


2 Years basically



                                         Ticket Images stored in C drive





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Ticket scan solution

Scans and stores great volume of tickets. coupons or vouchers in pc

Available for TiTo ticket scan solution