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Document Scanning with MIRU

While lots of information is available in digital form, it is true that the other lots of information is still available in paper form. Information makes great role in decision making . The digitalized information can be sorted and saved in more systematic way. It can be shared by many colleagues and can be approached from a long distance. The valuable information can be stored for long years, even in case that the original paper is damaged or lost. OCR/OMR/DMR reading technology promotes the useful availability of digitalized information.  

MIRU high speed document scanner is designed to fulfill the demand of the document imaging work in an organization. MIRU wants to help the clients by the supply of high speed document scanners robust and durable in fast speed.

Manufacturer : MIRU Systems Co., Ltd.   

World Distributor : Zoo Moon Trading Co.



1999. 03. Established MIRU Data Systems, Inc.

          11. Release of MDS-2000 series

2000. 10  Release of MDS-2100 series

2001. 04. Supply to Korean Air Lines

2002. 03  Beginning supply to Kookmin Bank and Korea First Bank

          04  Beginning supply to Seoul Bank

          08  Beginning supply to Chohung Bank and Korea Agriculltural Federation Bank

2003. 01  Beginning supply to Korea Exchange Bank

          07  Founded MIRU Research Center

          10  Development of MDS-2500

2004. 07  Development of MDS-2500C

          09  Development of MDS-3000C

          12  Development of MDS-3000AF

2005. 01 Development of MST-500 Stamp

          03  Participation in CeBit, Germany

          06  Development of Electronic voting system

2006. 07  Patent registration of optical lens module of scanner

2010. 06  Development of MDS-2000C

2010. 10  Electronic voting system project(National assembly)

2016. 10 Development of MPS-3000C Multi functional scanner/printer

2017. 12 Development of MDS-5000C





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