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MDS-5000C/5000CN scans up to A3 size paper. It works standalone or with PC. It has the wide touch screen of 10 inch and Windows 10 is installed.

The scanned images can be moved to the cloud, email address of a client just in the touch screen. Scan to print and Scan to fax is also


MDS-5000C/5000CN has a deep hopper (500 papers) and 2 pockets.


☆ Scan up to A3 size paper

     MDS-5000C/5000CN can scan from A6 size to A3 size papers at fast scan speed.


☆ 2 Pockets

     MDS-5000C/5000CN has both the front and rear side pockets. The papers scanned can be sorted into the 2 pockets.


☆ Large Hopper Capacity

     The depth of each pocket is 50 mm. It stores about 500 papers.


☆ Less Technical Care

     MDS-5000C/5000CN is designed robust and strong against trouble and stop. You will need less technical care.


☆ Standalone type Network Scanner

     From the 10 inch touch display of MDS-5000CN, a client can scan his documents without connected to PC.

     He can move the scanned images to his cloud or email in the touch display. MDS-5000CN can also work connected to PC.


☆ User Friendly Roller Exchange

     The consumable rollers can be exchanged at customer's side without difficulty.


☆ Long Paper Scan Function

     MDS-5000C/5000CN has the long paper scan function. It can scan up to 800 mm in A4 (or letter) size paper.


☆ Various Kinds of Options

     Endorser (printed post scanning) can print time, name and the others on the front and/or back side of each document in long characters.      Imprinter can stamp company logo or sophisticated characters.

     MICR Reader can read both E-13B font, and CMC-7 font, and stores the txt file into C drive automatically.

     UV/IR sensor can be added to detect fake document.

     Thermal printer can be installed to print the description and the data based on OCR/OMR/Barcode reading

     OCR/OMR/DMR/Barcode reading is possible by application software.





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