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The fast speed of MDS-3000C will increase the efficiency of scan work in your office. The speed can be increased about 10% more if met with a high quality software. The good feeding condition, the long lifetime, the high daily duty cycle and its compact size form the main characteristic of MDS-3000C.

Long paper scan mode is possible up to 800 mm (A4) or 2,000 mm (check size). The superior paper jam detection system of MIRU is enforced with ultrasonic sensor. MDS-3000C has the deep hopper (500 papers), and the well designed stacker which can file up scanned documents in an orderly manner. MDS-3000C has the various kinds of options - MICR Reader, Endorser, Imprinter and UV/IR sensor.

By selecting MDS-3000C, you can have a reliable and fast document scanner which increases productivity in document scanning work.


☆ Fast Speed of MDS-3000C

     Even with the fast scan speed (90 ppm/180 ipm, 200 dpi, A4, in portrait), MDS-3000C shows the reliable and stable feeding condition.  

     The scan speed of MDS-3000C can be rather increased up to about 10% more by a high quality application software.


☆ Durable Document Scanner  

     MDS-3000C sustains high volume scan. The allowed daily scan volume is over 25,000 papers per day in A4.

     You can expect near to a production model from MDS-3000C.


☆ Less Technical Care

     MDS-3000C is designed robust and strong against trouble and stop. You will need less technical care.


☆ Low Maintenance Cost

     With less technical care and simple consumable parts, the maintenance cost is low.


☆ Long Lifetime

     If managed well, MDS-3000C can be available for very long years, even in case it works for daily high volume scan.


☆ Large Hopper Capacity

     The depth of hopper is 50 mm. It stores about 500 papers.


☆ User Friendly Roller Exchange

     The consumable rollers can be exchanged at customer's side without difficulty.


☆ Long Paper Scan Function

     MDS-3000C has the long paper scan function. It can scan up to 800 mm in A4 (or letter) size paper or 2,000 mm in check size paper.


☆ Various Kinds of Options

     Endorser (printed post scanning) can print time, name and the others on the front and/or back side of each document in long characters.      Imprinter can stamp company logo or sophisticated characters.

     MICR Reade can read both E-13B font, and CMC-7 font, and stores the txt file into C drive automatically.

     UV/IR sensor can be added to detect fake document.

     OCR/OMR/DMR/Barcode reading is possible by application software.







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